Frequently Asked Questions

To start ride and have fun in Stamyn system is very easy, you need only 3 things:

  1. Computer or laptop with bluetooth capabilities and a browser (Google chrome recommended)
  2. Smart trainer. ( See device compatibility )
  3. A bike.

Stamyn Team

You can connect devices using Bluetooth (BLE) or ANT+ connection, you can use 3 different type of devices:

  1. Smart trainers: Wheel-on trainer or direct drive trainers. ( See updated compatibility )
  2. Heart rate sensors.
  3. Cadence sensors.

* If your device is not in the list, you can contact us for a quicker integration.

Stamyn Team

Meanwhile you still have kms in your trial counter, you will be able to save all your activities, after that period you will be able to continue training in Stamyn but to save your activity we ask you to support tour job and become a Premium user.

Stamyn Team

Bluetooth protocol has a limitation on the number of devices that can be connected at the same time, if that device is paired with other computer or cyclecomputer, it may happen that is not visible for another system and in consequence not visible for Stamyn.

Try to unpair from another device or if you are not sure to which could be connected, try to switch it off and on again. If problem persist, you can contact us to investigate more in detail.

Stamyn team

You can cancel your subscription at any time, as easy as you subscribed. You can open Stamyn App and click in your name (top-right of your screen), select "Manage your account" and then "Premium", and then click in "Manage". If you decide so, we will be very sad but we would appreciate to receive your feedback of that decision to try to improve our job :) Stamyn team
Yes! When you use an invitation code you can get up to 100 free kms. Normally free trial gives you 50 kms. Important to mention that you can get extra free kms when you invite a colleage and his registration is completed, you will see more extra kms in your account.

ANT+ devices can be used in Stamyn to connect all your compatible sensors. We have compiled the 2 most common drivers in an easy executable file to avoid complex configurations. Depending on how new your ANT+ Usb dongle is, can use one or other drivers, we suggest you to install both.

ANT + Driver Windows V1

ANT + Driver Windows V2

Double click in the .exe file downloaded, and follow instructions will be shown.

Solving problems:

If you have any problem with other devices, you can uninstall this drivers following this steps:


Windows 10: How to Open Device Manager -

And right click over ANT device:

And click un Uninstall Driver, a popup screen will be opened.  Selecting "Delete the driver software for this device.

Then unplug and plug again the usb to let windows install default drivers.